About Mesotek

A Journey of 1 Million to 250 Million Company and counting...

Mesotek was started in April 2000 to provide advanced website development and search engine optimization services for different clients (our esteemed entrepreneurs and reputed organizations). Mesotek makes use of cutting-edge technology and creative methods to provide the best service in the market. In the year 2001, Mesotek was ranked to be amongst the Top 10 Website Development Companies in Mumbai by Times of India. Mesotek also bolsters a strong international presence and has provided services to more than 2000 clients from different countries. Our team of 25 highly experienced and skilled professionals assures our clients with the best services, having creative designs and innovative ideas that are always submitted on time.

Excited to know if our 22 years of experience in Digital marketing can help to enhance your business Globally !!!

Tarun Agarwal - CEO

The working method

At Mesotek

The process of designing and implementing digital growth requires a team effort. We believe in following a multidisciplinary approach that enables us to look at a project from a different point of view. These are the phases that characterize our working style.


We analyze all customer goals and identify their key strategies. Further research and analysis of the target sector and the competition are evaluated before deciding to proceed with any campaigns and investments to kick start the process


We check marketing ploys to see if the product is saleable in the online markets and identify key KPI metrics and performance. Here we plan some tests with small budgets to evaluate the performance.


We scale up your marketing campaigns using a full budget and complete multi-channel funnels. During this stage, we constantly monitor the performance of the product. The results are monitored, and corrective measures are constantly taken to improve the process.


At Mesotek we ensure that we are perfect in everything we do. We believe that a website is not just a source of information, but it should speak for you and build a strong marketing pitch.

  • Development Center

    Mesotek has a 2000 Sq. ft. facility that is well equipped to serve clients across the globe. Our Development Center is located in close proximity to the International Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India. Mesotek has a group of experts that are trained by google as we are the premier partner of Google Workspace. This has propelled us to claim more than 80% of client satisfaction in the last 22 years. Furthermore, Mesotek has SSL certification from one of the largest online security providers, giving further assurance to our esteemed clients.

  • Consulting & Advisory

    The innovative solutions allow us to provide end-to-end connectivity between a client and an offshore setup. This allows us to converse with the client via voice chat, video conference, sharing a whiteboard, and provide remote installations. At Mesotek, client satisfaction is of utmost importance, so we carefully look into the requirements of our clients to meet all their needs. Our versatile customer-oriented services allow us to enhance the efficiency of our products or services to provide customer satisfaction.

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